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A unique street self defense & total body workout training system created by Master Roger Koo!

History of James Koo

My training at Koo Self Defense started in July 1995. I really enjoyed the class training at Koo Self Defense, there were many different types of classes and drills. All of the training was done on focus mitts and shields using realistic movements. The hitting power of the all of the students was incredible, some of them only had been training for a few months.

At Yellow Belt, I achieved Assistant Instructor status. I was doing intensive training under Master Roger Koo, training to become a Chief Instructor. I have learned a lot from Master Koo he is an excellent instructor.

I earned my Black Belt in December 1996 and my 1st Degree Black Belt in April 1997.

In August 2000, I went to Master Koo's school for two weeks of intensive training. The workout is even better than it was three years ago. Kick boxing aerobics and jump rope are now a part of the warm up and there are more focus mitt and shield drills. Master Koo has truly created a great program for self defense training and fitness. I really enjoyed the time I spent there and look forward to returning in the future.

Commonly asked questions about Koo Self Defense training.

What is different between Koo Self Defense training and other martial arts, what are the classes like?


Koo Self Defense training is unique because of our class training and the results we produce in such a short amount of time. Many other martial arts try to emmulate our concepts but do not put that theory into practice for their class training. All our training is designed to develop incredible hitting power and produce a great workout. We have many different types of classes and many different realistic drills.

What techniques are used in the Koo Self Defense training and how many do you learn?


Koo Self Defense training uses non traditional stress free movements. All of the hand techniques are based on boxing movements (hooks uppercuts, as well as elbows, and other strikes etc.). all delivered with maximum power and follow through on focus mitts and shields (the harder you hit the harder the workout). We use modified tae kwon do kicks, only kicking at the knee to stomach area on the shields, to generate maximum power.

How do you know if the training is working besides the feed back you are receiving from your instructor?


In Koo Self Defense each student receives immediate feed back. By actually hitting targets (the mitts and shields) you will know if you are doing it right or wrong. If you do it wrong, you will hurt yourself or lose your balance.

Please feel free to contact Master Roger Koo or James Koo at their e-mail address if you have any other questions.

Top Ten Reasons to try Koo Self Defense training!

(1) All our students produce results
(2) Our training is realistic and very effective
(3) The workout can be as intense as the student desires
(4) The student receives immediate feedback regarding the quality of their training.
(5) Our lower rank students (White, Yellow and Orange Belts) have more power than Black Belts from other martial arts organizations.
(6) The training is a lot of fun and a great way to reduce stress.
(7) There are many benefits such as character development and leadership skills that one can learn.
(8) Master Koo has over 30+ years of experience in the martial arts.
(9) It does not take long to get the results that you want.
(10) You can now train at home with Master Koo's training video series.

Master Roger Koo has produced the Youngest Black Belts and First Degree Black Belt in the world. Articles about the Koo Self Defense training system have been featured in world wide martial art magazines. Master Koo and his students have appeared on national television. All of Master Koo's students produce remarkable results within months.

James Koo

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